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Using Drones In Real Estate

One of the most common uses for drone technology is creating still and video images for real estate property.
The good news is having a drone real estate presentation produced for you probably cost less than you think.
Birdseye views are easily accomplished by using drones to fly above a property.
Using drones for real estate can produce images that can be presented as a single image showing the entire property or as a video tour displaying a "fly by" of the property which can encompass all the details of all sides and angles of a small or very large property. Drones are also used in interior photography. A drone operated by an experienced operator can simulate a walk thru of an entire house smoothly going from room to room and transitioning between outside and inside views. With just a little more drone aerial footage you can show the neighborhood, commercial facilities nearby, parks and playgrounds.

Note: Before you start using drones in real estate, it is a good idea to be familiar with some of the requirements created by the FAA concerning drone operations. Or, once you find a professional drone services provider, they should be able to explain those restrictions, (if any), that might impact your drone real estate project.

If you want to find an operator to produce drone real estate photography, use the search functions above. Just select your city and state and click on the real estate selection. You might also want to include the General (multi) selection. Many drone service providers create drone real estate productions as just one of their services.

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