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Using Drones In Aerial Photography

One of the more common uses for drone technology is creating still and video images from above the subject.
The good news is having a drone aerial video presentation produced for you probably cost less than you think.
The possible uses accomplished via drone aerial photography are almost endless.
You have seen aerial photography used to soar over landmarks, buildings, parks, lakes, rivers, etc.
There are different qualities produced by drone aerial photography.  Newer drones have high definition cameras that can pan while flying or when stationary.
Structures like roofs can be inspected.  Birds eye views of weddings are becoming more popular. 
Keep in mind that drone aerial photography is not used just for videos.
Some very stunning still images are created by drone aerial photography.  You have most likely seen some of these aerial videos and still photographs without realizing they were taken by drone aerial photography pilots.  Many professional photographers have added drone photography to their repertoire to get stunning photographs from a perspective that was only available by using expensive helicopter or fixed wing aircraft in the recent past.
Just do a search on drone aerial photography to see some amazing images.

Note: Before you start using drones to fill your needs for photography, it is a good idea to be familiar with some of the requirements created by the FAA concerning drone operations. Or, once you find a professional drone services provider, they should be able to explain those restrictions, (if any), that might impact your drone real estate project.

If you want to find an operator to produce drone aerial photography, use the search functions above. Just select your city and state and click on the Aerial Photography selection. You might also want to include the General (multi) selection. Many drone service providers create drone aerial photography productions as just one of their services.

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